Water Filtration


Everyone’s concern today is what’s in the water I’m drinking.  People use bottled water and it’s become a huge industry because of our tap water.  Taste and news segments talking about the contaminants in our drinking & bathing water supply.  Most people are under the impression that you have to drink the water to be infected or to get sick; True, but there is more.  People get sick in the shower by water touching their bodies.  Some people are allergic to chlorine which makes them sick.  You can also be infected in the shower by breathing the contaminated mist that can infect you with Legionella from the water heater.  On the truck, we carry a Water Filter that connects to the water coming into the house to cover the Whole house.  We have a point of use filter that connects to the kitchen sink where most people go to draw a glass of water.  We also have a scale stopper filter that we use on water heaters and wall-hung condensing boilers to protect the heat exchangers.



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