Drain/Waste Pipe Cleaning


When it comes to the drainage, waste & venting systems in our homes, there is absolutely no attention given to the system in the form of maintenance.  The only time we pay attention to it is when the water starts going down slower or backs up totally.  Just short of putting a snake through the pipes that might be behind walls or above ceilings made from galvanized steel pipe that rots away over time.  When water starts to drain slowly it is the beginning of hardening of the waste pipes just like hardening of the arteries that most people are familiar with.  That build up inside the pipe dries when the fixture is not in use and becomes hard as a rock.  When we put a snake into an old system, we are just putting a hole through the build-up inside the pipe.  Depending on the age of the system and what is going down the drain will determine the size of the hole that you would be able to make with the snake to establish flow.  When you have a drain cleaner that eats all that build up inside of your waste system that is not acidic to destroy the piping.  It’s not harmful to pets and humans plus it’s not harmful to the environment.


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drain cleaning sal manzo plumbing & heating inc


Here are a few items you may NOT want to put down the drain: